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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a client, but I wish to open a PIBL account. How can I do this?

You can open a bank account online, or through our trusted and experienced private bankers who will contact you to discuss your needs and specific goals.

Will PIBL respect my data privacy?

Not only we are committed to full transparency and communication, but we also are committed to protecting our clients’ data, and the Bahamas has strict confidentiality and bank secrecy laws that enable this to happen. Also, regarding digital security and resistance to cyber-attacks, we have a cyber incidence response plan as part of our business continuity plan and procedures to protect our clients of any risk or damage.

Where can I find further information and advice?

We offer a direct and personalized service through access to our army of private bankers and financial experts that are ready to solve your problems and help you identify opportunities that fit your business goals or lifestyle.

How secure are my investments?

At PIBL your investments are entirely secure. By law, we must segregate accounts, so the clients’ investments are not exposed to the financial health of PIB LTD.

Do my cash deposits offer any warranty?

No. We don’t have or offer FDIC insurance. FDIC insurance is $100k per depositor. Our clients’ accounts are typically higher than $1,000,000. If clients want to protect their cash, they can invest their money in a Fiduciary Bank Deposit with an investment grade bank, or they can invest their money in Treasury Bills of the USA Government.

How can I get legal multijurisdictional asset protection?

PIBL offers protection to clients’ wealth and the ultimate beneficiary owner and their family. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we provide legal multijurisdictional asset protection advice and solutions.

Do your online banking platform offers automated payment processing?

Yes, the automated payment processing is offered through our e-banking platform. However, today we have not activated this option.

Do PIB offers global custody with multicurrency capability?

Yes, PIBL offers this service to clients.

What information are you asking customers to provide and verify?

PIBL ask clients for personal information, business information, origin and source of wealth. We’ll request information about anything that directly or indirectly involves their lives, businesses, and money.

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